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Demcon Unmanned Systems’ new home in The Hague, Netherlands

Date: 11 Jun 2024 Author: Raymond

Demcon Unmanned Systems is preparing to move into ZUIDHAVEN in DE ZUID area development project  in The Hague, Netherlands. This strategic relocation marks a new chapter for Demcon and underscores the company’s ambition of further consolidating its position in the maritime and unmanned technology sector.

Demcon Unmanned Systems (Demcon) develops and supplies advanced electric unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) equipped with unique autonomous navigation software for various maritime applications such as inspection, monitoring and maintenance in inland waterways, coastal regions and offshore environments. These vehicles allow maritime contractors and service providers to perform tasks in an automated and remote manner, thereby making the work safer, more efficient, more sustainable and with less impact on staff and the environment.

🎤 Fedor Ester, Managing Director of Demcon Unmanned Systems: “Our choice of Scheveningen’s Third Harbor is no coincidence. This location offers a unique combination of facilities and infrastructure that are essential for our business activities and growth ambitions pertaining to the development of high-tech maritime technologies related to autonomous unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Being situated this close to the sea allows us to quickly test new technologies and functionalities in the right environment and then develop them further. This is particularly important for our new seaworthy vehicles, such as the v5750 series, which are being developed for remote inspections and monitoring of e.g. offshore windmill parks and underwater infrastructure. Additionally, this new and larger workshop gives us the space we need to realize our growth ambitions.”

As a maritime technology company, Demcon Unmanned Systems is situated in a hotspot for maritime innovations in the province of South Holland and The Hague. Located close to the office is Campus@Sea, an innovation hub dedicated to the promotion of sustainable and innovation uses of the North Sea. This community, of which Demcon is also part, brings together different stakeholders, including businesses, research institutions and government and social organizations, to collaborate on projects designed to make efficient and sustainable use of maritime resources.

🎤 Alderman Robert van Asten (Urban Development, Municipality of The Hague): “Maritime businesses are the driving force behind the Port of Scheveningen. We want to keep stimulating their efforts. We are therefore thrilled to welcome Demcon Unmanned Systems and wish them all the best with their activities at this new location.”

🎤 Bart Meijer, CEO MRP on behalf of DE ZUID CV of developers MRP and VORM: “DE ZUID’s unique location, the direct and quick connection to the open sea and the flexibly usable commercial units are important benefits for maritime entrepreneurs in DE ZUID. This is a unique location for ambitious entrepreneurs and boasts a wide variety of residents. The environment contributes to an atmospheric and inspirational workplace. We couldn’t be happier to have Demcon Unmanned Systems be the first innovative maritime company to make ZUIDHAVEN its new home.”

📆 Over the coming months, the premises will be made ready for Demcon Unmanned Systems to move in later this summer.

📃📷 Source: Demcon Unmanned Systems