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Jan De Nul’s USV Beluga 01 is ready for first mission

Date: 18 Jul 2022 Author: Chief Editor

🎯 Belgian dredging expert Jan De Nul Group has announced that its newly acquired USV named Beluga 01 passed the sea trials and is ready for her very first mission in the Netherlands. At the same time DNV Maritime informed that The Beluga 01 met DNV’s classification criteria ensuring that risks and operational considerations have been assessed for safe and reliable remote operations. In addition, the non-autonomous related elements of the boat were also certified to DNV’s rules for small craft technical and safety requirements.

USV Beluga 01 is based on Mariner class USV developed by Maritime Robotic’s, Norwegian USV developer, member of Ocean Autonomy Cluster.

☑️USV Beluga 01 main features:
✅ Fully redundant hybrid propulsion system. The prime source of propulsion is a diesel engine that is mechanically coupled to the water jet. Alternatively, the vessel can be operated in 🔋 full electrical mode. The additional electrical Torqeedo propulsion, installed parallel to the main propulsion, can manoeuvre the vessel in sensitive marine areas.
✅ Range extender module to top up the batteries which will operate longer than 12 hours.
✅ Capability to operate in up to sea state five and to survive in up to sea state seven.

⚙️USV Beluga 01 main specifications:
Endurance – up to 50 hours
Connectivity – Redundant, range up to 30 km
Payload – custom, special designed Launch and Recovery System (LARS)
Transportability – fits in a container for easy transport

📃📷 Source: Jan De Nul