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🚤 Maritime Robotics to deliver USV to Jan De Nul

Date: 23 Sep 2022 Author: Chief Editor
USV Otter Pro

🎯 Belgian dredging expert Jane De Nul’s fleet will receive an addition to its fleet – unmanned surface vehicle (USV) Vaquita 01, which is based on proven USV series Otter Pro developed by Maritime Robotics. This will be the second Maritime Robotics’ vessel acquired by Jan De Nul, previously this year USV Beluga 01 based on USV series Mariner.

With unmanned vessels fleet Jan De Nul aims to improve safety and operational control during its survey activities, reduce carbon emissions, and enable more efficient data acquisition.

⚙️ USV Otter specifications:
Hull type – catamaran
LOA – 2 m
Width – 1.08 m
Height – 1.065 m
Draft – 0.3 m
Weight c\w batteries – 65 kg
Speed max – 6 kn
Endurance – up to 28 h at 1 kn
Power system – electric, battery powered
Propulsion – 2 x electric motors
Connectivity – Wi-Fi/4g/radio link
Payload – customizable

📃📷 Source: Maritime Robotics