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6️⃣ Maritime UK launches Version 6 of Industry Code of Practice for Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems

Date: 20 Nov 2022 Author: Chief Editor
Maritime UK

🎯 Maritime UK is launching Version 6 of the Industry Code of Practice for Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems. The accelerating pace of change in maritime autonomy has required updated guidance for those owning and operating Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS).

🎯 The primary aim in developing the Code has been to establish standards and best practice for those who design, build, manufacture (including testing and commissioning), own, operate and control MASS, primarily of less than 24 metres in length. It also establishes some principles and guidance which will be applicable for those operating larger MASS.

Version 6 adds updated guidance on a variety of topics including MoD Maritime Levels of Automation, MASS Shoreside Interface guidance and Remote Control Centre manning and operation.

The Maritime UK Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (MASRWG) published the first Code of Practice to global industry-wide acclaim in November 2017, followed by annual updates since then.

Lloyd’s Register has supported the publication of this version of the Code.

🎤 Sarah Kenny, Chair of Maritime UK, said: “ For the UK, autonomy is a key driver of future growth opportunities and fuses our expertise across the sector – professional services, cutting-edge innovation and high-quality manufacturing and design. The pace of change in accelerating, and as autonomy changes the way we live and work, this Industry Code of Practice serves as valuable guidance on certification, assurance and safety.”

🎤 Baroness Charlotte Vere, Maritime Minister at the Department for Transport, said: “Autonomous vessels are set to revolutionise the maritime sector, by cutting emissions, bolstering supply chains, and easing pressure on our ports. With 75% of accidents at sea caused by human error, this technology will also help to dramatically boost safety. I’m delighted to see the guidance for manufacturing such vessels be updated – reflecting how quickly this remarkable technology is advancing.”

🎤 James Fanshawe, the MASRWG Chair, said: “The Code of Practice provides the ideal focus to enable industry to develop ahead of the eventual international and national regulatory frameworks. Version 6 of the Code of Practice provides the platform for a variety of important updates with some new and revised guidance.”

🎤 Andy McKeran, LR’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Clearly, as systems are adapted to the various levels of autonomy, it is fundamental that safety is assured at every stage. Lloyd’s Register is proud to continue to support Maritime UK with the latest version of its Industry Code of Practice for Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems which provides guidance on certification, assurance and safety. ”

🔗 Link to download Version 6 of Industry Code of Practice for Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems

📃📷 Source: Maritime UK