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Norwegian Sea Rescue acquires Hydrolift RS 175 rescue boat

Date: 10 Jan 2024 Author: Chief Editor
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🎯 Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (Redningsselskapet) has christened the rescue boat RS 175 Wilhelm Wilhelmsen in Lysaker, just outside Oslo. RS175 is based on the new Hydrolift P45 platform.

🤝 Hydrolift P45 SAR has been developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (Redningsselskapet) and Eker Design, and it has been manufactured at Hydrolift’s facilities in Fredrikstad. Hydrolift, in collaboration with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society and the donor Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation, has developed the most sustainable rescue boat possible with the solutions currently available. The RS 175 rescue boat will serve as a testing ground for new technologies, a platform to challenge suppliers, and a catalyst for discovering innovative solutions that align with future goals.

RS 175 will utilize the latest technology in future autonomy developed by Eker Group company Hyke. Hyke Sense PRO provides continuous 360-degree awareness of the vessel’s surroundings at sea. By leveraging multiple sensors, objects of all shapes and sizes around the vessel are detected, tracked, and classified, providing a prioritized overview of potential risks and interesting objects.

To meet the unique needs of certain sectors, custom applications can be built on the Hyke Sense PRO system. The first application, SMART SEARCH, has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society and optimized for search and rescue operations.

🎤 “Hydrolift is thrilled to once again deliver a rescue boat from our PRO department. The close collaboration with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society over the past decade has been an exciting and highly educational journey. Working closely with such a professional organization, which continuously strives to enhance safety for everyone navigating the waters along the Norwegian coast, fills us with pride and enthusiasm to contribute to this,” states Bård Eker, CEO of Hydrolift and Eker Group.

📃📷 Source: Hydrolift