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SEAFAR expands services to short sea shipping with Fast Lines Belgium

Date: 13 Jun 2024 Author: Raymond

SEAFAR, a provider of remote-controlled vessel technologies, announces its strategic collaboration with Fast Lines Belgium, Belgium-based transport company, marking its entry into the short sea shipping market. Leveraging its successful journey within the inland shipping sector, SEAFAR has rapidly evolved into an end-to-end technology- and service provider for remote shipping operations, now operating a diverse fleet of over 40 vessels, ranging from crew-reduced to unmanned, remotely controlled and monitored vessels.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to alleviate the workload onboard vessels operating within a demanding trading schedule. SEAFAR’s advanced technology promises to enhance operational efficiency while maintaining the highest safety standards and create valuable rest time for crews onboard.

By reducing the workload and automating routine tasks, crew members are afforded more rest periods, which is crucial for maintaining their health, well-being, and overall performance. Additionally, the technology allows for the repurposing of crew members for other critical tasks onboard.

🎤 “Creating rest time onboard is not merely about reducing fatigue; it’s about enhancing the overall quality of life for our client’s crew members,” notes Louis-Robert Cool, founder and
CEO of SEAFAR. “With more rest time, crew members can enjoy better mental and physical health, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, well-rested crews are less prone to errors, thereby enhancing the safety and reliability of shipboard operations.”

With the recently signed MoU on Cooperation Regarding the International Operation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships MASS by several North Sea countries and the imminent release of the IMO-MASS code, SEAFAR and Fast Lines Belgium recognize the opportune moment to introduce SEAFAR’s remote control technology to the short sea shipping sector. Both entities are actively engaged in discussions with classification societies, flag states, and coastal authorities to facilitate the seamless integration of this innovative solution on the vessel MV Fast Sim.

🎤 “We are excited to take on this important step along SEAFAR’s journey together with our valued partner Fast Lines Belgium,” states Janis Bargsten, CCO at SEAFAR. “Our collaboration signifies a milestone in revolutionizing short sea shipping operations through cutting-edge technology and collaborative partnerships. Together, we are poised to redefine industry standards and enable sustainable growth in a market facing a widening availability gap of qualified onboard personnel.”

🎤 Fast Lines Belgium shares SEAFAR’s enthusiasm for this venture. “Joining forces with SEAFAR represents a strategic alignment of our shared vision for the future of maritime transportation,” said Catrien Scheers, CEO/owner at Fast Lines Belgium. “We believe that integrating SEAFAR’s proven remote control technology will not only optimize our operations but also set new benchmarks for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the short sea shipping market.”

Both SEAFAR and Fast Lines Belgium are committed to conducting comprehensive testing, including trials of communication equipment and overall system performance, to ensure seamless integration and compliance with regulatory requirements.

📃📷 Source: Seafar