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SEAFAR is preparing autonomous and smart shipping services for Germany

Date: 07 Jul 2022 Author: Chief Editor

🎯 Following its strategy to expand autonomous and smart shipping service across Europe SEAFAR announced start of connectivity tests on the Rhine. At the moment SEAFAR is testing 4g networks (coverage and speed) on one of newly equipped vessel operating in inland waterways of Germany. Lack of connectivity is always considered by shipowners, representatives from authorities and governmental organisations, insurance companies and research institutions as a major limiting factor in Germany however there is no data available to substantiate that claim. So the aim of tests is to collect data and proves of feasibility using 4G networks for SEAFAR technologies in Germany. In case of any blind spots detected, the data will allow SEAFAR to implement solutions jointly with its suppliers, as SEAFAR has successfully demonstrated elsewhere.

⚖ SEAFAR is working closely with authorities and regulators to pave the way for crew reduced and remote/semi-autonomous shipping on European inland waterways to obtain permissions for services. The interest from the sector is massive, given the personnel shortage it already faces today. Next to that, the safety enhancing impact of SEAFAR’s system and operations allows owners/shipping companies to tackle the low safety record of the industry.

📃📷 Source: SEAFAR, Janis Bargsten