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USEA Ocean Data has received pre-approval for building unmanned ship

Date: 12 Jan 2023 Author: Chief Editor

🎯 Norwegian startup USEA Ocean Data has received preliminary approval to build and operate 24-meter unmanned vessel in Norwegian waters. The Norwegian Maritime Authority has issued a clarification confirming that, in the light of their preliminary assessment and in accordance with IMO guidelines for alternative design (MSC.1/Circ.1455), the design is considered feasible where no showstoppers are identified, and the project is cleared to proceed to shipbuilding phase.

🎤 “A milestone on our journey towards sustainable and safe collection of seabed data. We are among very few companies who have passed such preliminary assessment from the Norwegian Maritime Authority, and we are ready to move immediately to the next project phase. Our technology will enable the vessel to operate uncrewed from day 1, and both customers and investors can soon look forward to a whole new and safe method for subsea data acquisition. We are now ready to build a completely unique system for mapping the seabed, so interested customers and investors can just get in touch,” says Felipe Lima, CEO at USEA Ocean Data.

One of the advantages of USEA Ocean Data’s future unmanned vessels is the proprietary system for recharging and data transfer, so called uLARS, secures fully automated launch and recovery of autonomous underwater vehicles. The uLARS also makes it possible for AUVs to connect to the unmanned vessel without the need for recovery to deck, during a seabed mapping campaign without mission interruption. This patented system is the first of a kind which will enable the integration of autonomous underwater vehicles and unmanned vessels with no compromise, reducing steeply total costs and increasing time-efficiency.

Only about 20 per cent of the seabed has been mapped to date, and the UN has set mapping of the seabed as one of six investment areas in the Decade of Ocean Science that lasts until 2030. USEA Ocean Data will be able add value to Norwegian and international companies that depend on underwater data.

🎤 “The ocean depths teem with life and biological diversity that have provided us with vital resources for centuries. The sea will also help us solve the challenges of the future. But it must be done in a sustainable way. Then we cannot hunt for necessary resources blindly. To draw a blue world map, we need new technology which does not endanger the crews or that take too long. We hope that our unmanned vessel and fully automated system for the operation of autonomous underwater vehicles will contribute to cheaper, faster and cleaner mapping of the seabed”, Felipe Lima adds.

📃📷 Source: USEA Ocean Data