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USV and AUV provided survey and subsea inspection at German wind farm

Date: 25 Aug 2023 Author: Chief Editor
Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm

🎯 Wind farm owner Northland Power and unmanned survey solutions provider Subsea Europe Services have successfully concluded a pilot project to apply USV and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to marine survey and underwater inspection operations at the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm, located in the German North Sea.

The July 2023 project was commissioned to verify performance and further develop the operational workflows of Subsea Europe Services’ Autonomous Surveyor USV (Martac Systems MANTAS T12 USV)for multibeam surveying and A.IKANBILIS Hovering AUV (HAUV) for subsea inspections such as scour and marine growth surveys, when deployed from a Service Operations Vessel (SOV) mothership already resident for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) at the wind farm.

The so-called ‘mothership concept’ was proven successful throughout the pilot, with seamless integration of the various teams and equipment working aboard the Albert Betz SOV resulting in a wider weather window for marine survey and underwater inspection operations, with launch and recovery up to Sea State 3 and data acquisition according to the specified requirements.

🎤 “Supported by the great teamwork of everybody on board, the additional personnel, equipment and workflows for managing and using the USV and AUV for marine surveying and underwater inspections blended in well with the overall operations of the SOV, demonstrating that the ‘mothership concept’ works in a live scenario,” said Jan Schmökel, Balance of Plant Engineer, Northland Power.

🎤 “Our goal is to utilise assets that are already in place within the offshore wind farm O&M framework in order to improve the availability of marine data and significantly reduce the cost of acquiring it,” added Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services GmbH. “Both Autonomous Surveyor and A.IKANBILIS performed well, acquiring actionable data within similar time frames as conventional vehicles including crewed survey vessels and work class ROVs, both of which are more costly to manage and operate.”

Full commercial readiness of a combined turnkey USV/HAUV solution for major projects and permanent mothership deployment is expected by Q1 2024.

Northland Power is 100% owner of Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm, which is located 95 km west of Borkum in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Deutsche Bucht has an operating capacity of 252 MW, meeting the annual energy needs of 300,000 people and reducing the annual CO2 emissions of Germany by 700,000 tons.

⚙ USV “Autonomous Surveyor” specifications:
🔹 Developer\Builder: Martac Systems
🔹 Type: MANTAS T12
🔹LOA – 3.6 m
🔹 Width – 0.90 m
🔹 Height – 0.36 m
🔹 Weight – 118 kg, max. payload 64 kg
🔹 Speed – 6-14 knots survey speed, up to 30 knots transit
🔹 Propulsion – Twin screw electric propulsion, 8-14 knots survey speed, up to 30 knots transit
🔹 Payload – R2Sonic Sonic 2020, SBG Apogee D Marine INS , Sonardyne SprintNav-mini ((HRS, DVL, INS)

📃📷 Source: Subsea Europe Services