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Van Oord demonstrated its latest USV in Netherlands

Date: 14 Sep 2022 Author: Chief Editor

🎯 Dutch maritime contractor Van Oord presented USV VO:X Lorentz for Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) in the Port of Moerdijk. The aim was to explain how and where the electric unmanned vessels are used, the state of the technology and the challenges that exist. USV is DUS V2500 type developed by DEMCON unmanned systems vessel and built by Shipyard Rotterdam.

Current Van Oord’s USV fleet:
🔹VO:X Lorentz
🔹VO:X Huygens
🔹VO:X Metiri
🔹VO:X Snellius

⚙ USV VO:X Lorentz specifications:
LOA – 2.5 m
Width – 1.1 m
Height – 1.78 m
Draft – 0.4 m
🔹 Multibeam echo sounder – R2Sonic
🔹Single beam echo sounder – Kongsberg Maritime
🔹 Winch – MSA-Service B.V. + MacArtney Underwater Technology Group
🔹 Sound velocity profiles\sensor – Valeport
🔹 GNSS(INS) – Applanix Corporation
🔹 3D LiDAR – Ouster
Propulsion – electric, 2 x stern azimuth thrusters, 1 x bow thruster

📃📷 Source: DEMCON unmanned systems